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  • Solar Crank Emergency Station

    Looking for a radio that will keep you entertained and charged up, no matter where you are? Look no further than the Solar Crank Emergency Station! This handy little radio comes with a built-in solar panel, AAA battery slot, and hand crank, so you can always stay tuned in. Plus, the 2,000mAh power bank means you can keep your phone juiced up in case of an emergency.

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  • Solar Powered Lighter

    Forget those gas lighters that never seem to work when you need them most. With the Solar Powered Lighter, you’ll always have a light – even in the windiest or wettest conditions. This nifty tool harnesses the power of the sun to light your cigarette and its reflective surface doubles as a mirror.

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  • Unbreakable Sledge Hammer

    This sledgehammer is unbreakable – which is good news, because you’re going to need it to take down anything and everything in your way. Whether you’re demolishing your home or defending yourself against the zombie apocalypse, this hammer is up for the challenge. So go ahead and give it your best swing – you won’t break this sledge!

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  • Family Size Sleeping Bag

    This generously sized bag can easily sleep up to four people, making it perfect for families on the go. Keep everyone happy and comfortable all season long, whether you’re living on the streets or just camping in the backyard. No one will have to deal with cold toes or drafty tents again – this sleeping bag has got you covered!

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  • Paracord Bracelet Survival Kit

    Looking for a way to take your survival skills to the next level? Check out this new Paracord Bracelet Survival Kit! This nifty little bracelet comes packed with everything you need to stay alive in the wild, including a water purifier, compass, and fishing hook. So whether you’re lost in the woods or just want to be prepared for anything, this bracelet is perfect for you.

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  • The Off Grid Survival Axe

    This little guy is jam-packed with over 30 unique features, like a glass breaker, hammer head, and fold-out saw. Plus, it’s compact enough to take with you wherever you go. So whether you’re faced with a tricky situation or just want some extra muscle while camping or hiking, the off grid survival axe is the perfect tool for the job!

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  • Living Off The Grid Book

    Looking to break free from the shackles of society? Living Off The Grid is here to show you how! This book details everything you need to know about living a sustainable and happy life away from the hustle and bustle of city living. From personal anecdotes to valuable tips, this is the ultimate guide to going off the grid. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

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  • Corkcicle Flat Canteen

    This little flat canteen is a big relief when you’re trying to stay hydrated without adding too much bulk to your pack. The double-walled insulation helps keep your drink at the perfect temperature, and the sleek, minimalist design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

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  • Tactical Tomahawk

    Don’t be caught in a tight spot without the Tactical Tomahawk! This bad boy is built for action, with a razor sharp ax head and sturdy steel body. Plus, the crowbarbuilt into the bottom comes in handy for those pesky situations where you need to pry something open. Be prepared for anything with the Tactical Tomahawk by your side!

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  • Multi-Tool Survival Shovel

    The multi-tool survival shovel is the perfect tool for conquering any environment. Made from heavy duty stainless steel, this versatile shovel functions as a hammer, saw, and knife – making it the perfect tool for any outdoor adventure. So go ahead and take on the great outdoors – with the multi-tool survival shovel, you’ll be ready for anything.

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  • Portable Camping Grill

    Looking for a way to take your love of grilling everywhere you go? Look no further than the portable camping grill! This lightweight, stainless steel beauty is perfect for cooking up burgers and dogs at picnics, tailgates, and camping trips. And thanks to its compact design, it’s easy to store when you’re not using it. So get ready to enjoy some delicious eats under the stars with this handy little grill!

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  • Inflatable Solar Lantern

    The inflatable solar lantern is perfect for when you’re out of batteries and there’s no electrical outlet in sight! This ingenious invention is made to be waterproof and can remain lit for up to 12 hours – making it perfect for camping trips or in emergency situations.

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