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  • La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tour

    Experience an adventurous opportunity on the open sea in San Diego. Discover the spectacular scenery of sea cliffs, seven caves, and an underwater park by guided paddle or snorkel tours with specialized instructors. You can even swim with the sharks during the warmer months!

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  • Chilli Sauce Making Kit – Make seven Different Types Of Sauce

    Ditch that Sriracha sauce and get this chili sauce-making kit to make your date night more memorable and spicy. This hot sauce kit includes a full set of recipes and makes seven lip-smacking gourmet bottles. The peppers are fresh and harvested from 5th generation farmers.

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  • Personalized Fart Extinguisher Candles

    Sick and disgusted by your partner’s excess farting problem? It’s time to clear the air and stop him from constantly stinking up the room. Use this personalized fart extinguisher candle to stop your farter from enjoying a challenge and upsetting people with farts.

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  • The Grudge Cut Out Prank

    Want to be a scary prank apologist? Simply download the cutouts and place them strategically to scare the living crap out of someone so badly as to cause them to lose bowel control. Bring a defibrillator just in case you give someone a heart attack.

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  • Personalized Fingerprint Wedding Ring

    Tired of a traditional diamond ring and searching for a ring that is unique and personalized? Search no more! Get this personalized wedding fingerprint ring to make your wedding more heartfelt.

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  • Prank Million Dollar Lottery Tickets

    This million-dollar lottery prank will reveal the true character of people. Trick your friend into thinking he/she won a million bucks and watch your friend slowly die on the inside just because you are an evil bastard. Just don’t give to your friends that get mad easily.

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  • Tactical Cargo Socks Prank Pack

    The attention to the details on all sides of the box to make it more believable. Trust me, it’s going to be hilarious watching people fake their appreciation for the gift!

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  • Personalized Wood Photo

    For a special occasion, little touches can make a big difference. Get this gift and put a big smile on someone you care about, making your special occasion memorable. Make your loved ones feel extremely special.

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  • Choose Your Own Adventure Box

    Get this package to treat your sweetheart and you will be able to choose one of 600 surprises that are the best in the world. It is not going to be easy to choose one, but you will be given the options to pick from.

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  • Unify Your Face On His Boxer

    This is a great gift for anniversaries and couples in long-distance relationships. Get your face plastered on the boxer so that way you can properly claim ownership of your man. It is a well-made gag gift that is sure to make someone smile.

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  • Fake Electrical Outlet Sticker Prank

    If you are the ultimate prankster, you are going to want this because it is very realistic looking and just because you are a terrible person who laughs at others’ folly. Get it to trick and embarrass fellow human beings.

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  • Learn to Fly a Cessna

    Learn how to fly a Cessna with one-on-one instruction from an FAA-certified instructor. Book one and learn how to fly during your very first lesson. You will also be able to do everything by yourself except for takeoff and landing.

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