Very High Demand

  • Micro Penis Cure

    This hilarious prank is just what you need to embarrass your buddies. Send them the Micro Penis Cure, and they’ll be sure to get a good laugh out of it. It’s the perfect way to prank someone at work, or just when you’re feeling mischievous. This hilarious prank box can be sent anonymously to any address, and even comes with the option of having them sign for it.

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  • Michelangelo’s David Light Switch

    Looking for a way to class up your light switch? Look no further than Michelangelo’s David Switch Plate. This iconic sculpture is perfect for covering up that ugly, outdated switch. Not only does it add some culture to your home, but it also protects against scratches with its glossy finish. So go ahead and show off your high-brow taste with this one-of-a-kind light switch cover.

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  • Anal Bleaching Kit Prank Box

    Looking to give someone an unforgettable experience? Look no further than our anal bleaching kit prank box! This hilarious gag gift is perfect for making someone feel embarrassed and uncomfortable – preferably at their place of work. This unique gift can be shipped anywhere in the United States, and even internationally, for a small fee.

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  • Porn For Women Book

    Finally, a book that understands what women really want! The “Porn for Women” book is packed with hilarious scenarios of men taking care of everything while the ladies kick back and enjoy themselves. Whether you’re looking for a little fantasy escape or just some good laughs, this book is sure to please. So why wait? Order your copy today!

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  • The Penis Blanket

    Looking for the coziest way to lounge around? Look no further than The Penis Blanket. This amazing hand-crocheted piece will keep you warm and cozy while providing a little bit of humor and fun. Anyone who enters inside this fabulous gift idea will experience a warm and cozy cocoon-like atmosphere ideal for napping.

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  • Weeny Washer Soap Bar

    Who says getting clean has to be boring? Not with Weeny Washer soap bars! These vibrantly colored novelty bars of soap will turn the simple act of getting clean into an unforgettable orgasmic experience. Ultra-convenient and easy to use, these little wonders are perfect for keeping your WIlly springtime fresh.

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  • Smells Like My Vagina Candle

    Looking for a way to set the mood? This Smells Like My Vagina Candle is perfect! It’s sure to get you in the right frame of mind, whether you’re planning a night with the girls, romantic dinner for two, or just some peace and quiet. Scented with the delicious aroma of your va-jay-jay, this candle is sure to please.

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  • Offensive Crayons Porn Pack Edition

    If you’re looking for the perfect way to let your creative side loose and have some dirty fun, look no further than these Offensive Crayons Porn Pack Edition. These crayons come with names that are as naughty as they are hilarious, so you can color to your heart’s content in complete secrecy. With colors like “Rim Job Red,” “GILF Bush Grey,” and “Bondage Rope Brown,” you’ll be able to unleash your inner pervert and have a coloring session you’ll never forget.

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  • Hand Jobs Party Game

    Looking for a way to make the game night more interesting? Hand Jobs is the perfect card game for you. With quick gameplay and lots of laughs, this game will keep your night exciting. With quick gameplay and a deck filled with naughty hand job scenarios, players will have a blast trying to finish first. So get ready for some fun-filled entertainment with Hand Jobs!

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  • Little Willies Coloring Book

    Color away your cares with the Little Willies Coloring Book! Filled with pages of adorable willies having a blast, this book is perfect for anyone who needs a few minutes of stress relief. With funny and engaging illustrations, this book is sure to put a smile on your face. So grab your favorite coloring tools and get ready to relax with the Littlie Willies!

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  • Sexy Truth-Or-Dare Pick A Stick Game

    Looking to add some spice to your bedroom routine? Then look no further than the Sexy Truth or Dare Pick-a-Stick game. With fifty different sticks, there’s plenty of variety to keep things interesting. The black side of each stick has a truth question, while the red side features a spicy dare. So whether you’re looking for something new and adventurous or just want some fun questions to ask, this game is perfect for couples looking to heat things up.

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  • That Fucking Coloring Book

    Get your creativity on with That Fucking Coloring Book. From the moment you open its pages, you’ll be treated to explicit and whimsical artwork just waiting to be brought to life. With its fun tone and naughty subject matter, this NSFW adult coloring book is perfect for any artist looking for a creative – and slightly dirty – outlet.

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  • Candy Nipple Tassels

    Who says being sexy has to be serious? With these candy nipple tassels, you can add a bit of lighthearted fun to your love life. These colorful and completely edible tassels have a 2.75-inch diameter, measure 5-inches long, and will give a brand new meaning to sweet lovin’. So grab your partner and get ready for some seriously naughty fun!

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  • Wiener Candle

    This soy-wax weiner candle is perfect for you and your home. Whether it be a housewarming gift, or to show your spouse that you’re thinking about them while they’re away from home, this candle will do the trick. These candles will make sure your flame’s always pointing true north.

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  • Cucci Vagina Candle

    Who knew candles could turn your room into a sauna of intense heat and sensuality? Start with this mysteriously seductive candle, whose spicy scent is right out of the gates. It might just take all the inhibitions away to burn it down – no shame in that game!

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  • Light Me When You Want a BJ

    Turn on the light when he wants to get BJed. There’s no better way to convince your partner that you don’t see them as a blowjob machine than with this Blowjob Candle. Simply light the sucker up, blow them away (pun intended) and get ready for an explosive evening of pure pleasure!

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  • WAP Hoes In This House Funny Candle

    This candle smells like fruity and sweet martini and not only does it smell good but it brings back memories too. You can always remember those times when you were drinking at a club, bumping some Rihanna, with all those hoes in the house! 

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  • Lightsaber Willy Warmer

    Keep your Willy protected from the dark force by wearing this Lightsaber Willy Warmer. Transform your little saber into a weaponized willy while keeping it snugged and comfy all the time. Let the seller know if you want to order a smaller or bigger one, the price will be the same.

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  • Cum Face Game

    This Hilarious Naughty Cum Face Game is not like anything else you’ve seen before! Host a girls’ night out or a bachelor/bachelorette party with this duel pump-action penis game to determine the rightful owner of the “best wanker” title of the night. The first player to squirt their opponent in the face wins the game.

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  • Diseases Caused By Masturbation Book

    Originally published in 1760 under the French title, L’Onanism by Samuel-Auguste Tissot. Tissot claims that masturbation causes damage to a person’s mind and body. This funny gift is going to make everyone at your party laugh.

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  • Kitten Panties

    Give this as a gift to your cat-loving wife or girlfriend. Make your bedtime routine more naughty while also making your lover more comfortable and fashionable at the same time. These panties come with an adorable kitty plastered on the front that any feline-lover will adore.

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  • Vaginal Odor Prank Box

    Make your friend’s party awkward by giving this extremely humiliating prank gift box. If you’re too embarrassed to give this gift in front of everyone, just send this package anonymously with an optional custom message to build your legacy as a prankster.

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  • Masturbation Socks Prank Box

    Take your pranks to the next level by sending this old-school prank box anonymously to your bro and embarrassing him to death. This prank box also comes with a pair of retro high socks

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  • Don’t Be A Cunt Candle

    This Don’t Be A Cunt Candle will be a great way to both quiet and put a smile on your annoying cunt. Not only is this candle hilarious, but it also smells great and is made with high-quality wax. Available in either 4-oz, 9-oz, and 16-0z size, this candle can be customized with many different lovely aromas.

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