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  • Silver Dwarven Hair Bead

    Make your Ragnar proud by wearing this Viking look-alike Silver Dwarven Hair Bead on your hair or beard. This hair metal bead has a unique pattern and is designed to stay in place for days. Now with this bead, you can fight all the way to Valhalla without messing up your hairdo.

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  • The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

    Become a master wizard chef with this Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and delight your Harry Potter-themed party attendants or Harry Potter-obsessed children. This recipe book contains more than 150 simple recipes and most of them are phenomenal, especially the pies!

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  • Mystical Wireless Charging Pad

    Need something that makes you feel like a real wizard? Stop the search and get the coolest-looking Mystical Wireless Charging Pad to fulfill your obsession for magic and anime. There even is a beautiful lighting effect that goes all around the pad when a device is charging.

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  • Personalized LEGO Minifigure

    Obsessed with Legos or know anyone who loves to spend time with Legos? Say no more, these Personalized LEGO Minifigures will do the trick. Get your beautiful smile plastered on one of these customized Minifigures that comes with endless options like Superman, Batman, and much more.

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