Very High Demand

  • Circle Game Heat Reactive Mug

    This mug is perfect for anyone looking to play The Circle Game with their coworkers. When the mug is filled with a warm liquid, the black fades away to reveal a hand making a circle. Watch as your unsuspecting colleagues take a sip of coffee and start playing the game without even knowing it!

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  • Apple Pie To Stank Prank Candle

    This hilarious candle is perfect for unleashing an unforgettable stink bomb on your unsuspecting friends or family. The apple pie scent will gradually worsen over time until the unbearable stench finally fills the room. It’s the perfect prank to play on anyone who deserves it!

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  • Shock Pen Prank

    Looking for a prank that’s sure to get a reaction? Look no further than the Shock Pen Prank! This pen looks like any other, but with one little difference: it gives whoever you’re pranking an electric shock! Just press the pen button and marker on paper and watch as your victim gets a jolt. They’ll be shocked, literally!

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  • You Have Been Poisoned Glass

    Delight in the terror of your friends and family with this You Have Been Poisoned Glass! The perfect way to add a little excitement (and fear!) to any gathering, this glass is sure to get everyone talking. Watch as they take a sip of their drink and then gasp in shock as they read the bottom of the glass which reads “you have just been poisoned!”

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  • Fake Bird Poop Prank

    Looking to add some laughs to your next prank battle? Look no further than this realistic-looking fake bird poop! This easy-to-use squirt bottle will let you ruin someone’s day with a mess of simulated bird crap. Whether you’re targeting your boss, sibling, or frenemy, this gag is sure to get a reaction. Best of all, it’s non-toxic and won’t damage paint or fabrics – just be ready to laugh when they realize it was all just a joke!

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  • Dissolving Swim Shorts Prank

    Dissolving Swim Shorts Prank: The ultimate embarrassment! These swim shorts dissolve in water, leaving your victim bare-bottomed for all to see. Don’t buy them if you want a normal swimsuit. And don’t wash them before use – that would just ruin the prank! Perfect for the seaside, spa, sauna, pool party, family gathering, guy handouts, bachelor party, or anywhere you can get your victim into the water.

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  • Wearable Shark Fin

    Introducing the Wearable Shark Fin! This fun and innovative product will terrify everyone on the beach as you swim by with your very own shark fin. Just strap it on and go for a swim, just watch out for real nearby territorial sharks! The Wearable Shark Fin makes an awesome addition to any summertime pool party or beach day and is sure to get you noticed.

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  • No Tear Toilet Paper Prank

    Looking for a way to prank your friends and family? Look no further than the No Tear Toilet Paper Prank! This hilarious novelty toilet paper is completely tearproof, meaning you can pull and rip as hard as you want without actually tearing off a sheet. Everyone will think it’s real TP until they try to use it…then the fun really begins!

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  • Stinky Hand Sanitizer Prank

    Looking for a funny prank to play on your friends? Look no further than the Stinky Ass Hand Sanitizer Prank! This normal-looking hand sanitizer starts to smell like stinky ass after a few seconds, resulting in a hilarious reaction from your victim. So if you’re looking for a laugh, grab this gag gift and enjoy watching your friends freak out!

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  • Happy Birthday Endless Music Prank Card With Glitter

    Is there a better way to celebrate a birthday than with annoying music and glitter everywhere? This happy birthday card is guaranteed to drive your friends and family crazy. The song plays over and over again until the battery dies or the card is torn to pieces, showering everyone in glitter in the process. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves practical jokes.

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  • Hatch Your Own Spiders Terrarium

    Finally, a way to add some excitement to your home décor! This Hatch Your Own Spiders Terrarium is perfect for anyone who loves spiders or just wants a little something different in their life. The terrarium comes with a spider net, some antivenom, and features a large opening so the tiny arachnids can roam around freely in their new home. So why not add this one-of-a-kind terrarium to your collection today?

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  • Rick Roll Prank QR Code Wi-Fi Sign

    Introducing the Rick Roll Prank QR Code Wi-Fi Sign – the surefire way to unleash unstoppable laughter on your unsuspecting guests! This clever sign features a QR code that, when scanned, takes your guests to a hilarious video of Rick Astley performing his signature song, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” They’ll be laughing so hard they won’t even realize they can’t connect to your WiFi! So roll out the red carpet for some serious laughs with the Rick Roll Prank QR Code Wi-Fi Sign.

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  • The Killer Key

    The Killer Key is the perfect way to permanently disable any door lock. If you’re moving, changing locks, or just don’t want anyone getting into your stuff, this is the key for you! It features a clever design that makes it impossible to remove, so once it’s inserted, the lock is disabled for good. Plus, it’s easy to use – just insert and turn!

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  • Annoy Your Friends With Remote Controlled Fart Machine

    Really cool gag gift to have in the office. Put it under your co- worker’s desk and torture him or her until the shit hits the fan. This fart machine is a great way to drive your co-workers nuts with the universal humor of flatulence.

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  • Frickin’ Cricket Hidden Annoying Chirping Sound Prank

    Place the Frickin Cricket in a well-hidden place and annoy the shit out of people you despise. Drive them crazy by not being able to find what is causing that annoying sound. Product warning: swearing and tearing the room apart are almost guaranteed after several hours.

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  • The Grudge Cut Out Prank

    Want to be a scary prank apologist? Simply download the cutouts and place them strategically to scare the living crap out of someone so badly as to cause them to lose bowel control. Bring a defibrillator just in case you give someone a heart attack.

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  • Prank Million Dollar Lottery Tickets

    This million-dollar lottery prank will reveal the true character of people. Trick your friend into thinking he/she won a million bucks and watch your friend slowly die on the inside just because you are an evil bastard. Just don’t give to your friends that get mad easily.

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  • Tactical Cargo Socks Prank Pack

    The attention to the details on all sides of the box to make it more believable. Trust me, it’s going to be hilarious watching people fake their appreciation for the gift!

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  • Fake Electrical Outlet Sticker Prank

    If you are the ultimate prankster, you are going to want this because it is very realistic looking and just because you are a terrible person who laughs at others’ folly. Get it to trick and embarrass fellow human beings.

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  • Scary Pepper Window Hanging Mask

    A sinister prank that will ruin your daughter’s date. Place this on the window and wait for your daughter’s boyfriend to say “fuck this” and bailout. It is almost guaranteed to spook everyone you plan to pull this prank on.

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  • Realistic Fake Cockroaches Prank

    Even a fake roach “connoisseur” can state that these are probably the most realistic fake cockroaches ever made. These cockroaches are really believable and creepy enough to make mommies scream. Go spread them around just to watch people’s reactions.

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  • 1500 Live LadyBugs

    This is a perfect prank for anyone who hates bugs. Release the 1500 ladybugs of doom into a confined space and scare the shit of your target. On the other hand, you can use it to get rid of crop-damaging aphids.

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  • Stink Bomb Prank That Smells Like Rotten Eggs

    Need a stink bomb prank that smells like a dead man’s ass? This one is the perfect one for you. The smell is extremely pungent of rotten eggs or farts, and is so strong that it travels through the entire house. You can also use it to motivate kids to go play outside.

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  • Always Positive Prank Pregnancy Test

    Trust me, it is going to work like a charm and it is so easy to use. The packaging looks legit and it is very discreet that you will not see any reference to the “joke” on the packaging. You can use either pee or water.

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