Very High Demand

  • Human Face Candle

    There’s nothing quite like the smell of burning flesh to wake up to in the morning. Move over bacon, this realistic model is a sure way to get your day going! Let this candle that burns like human flesh help light your darkest thoughts into creative flames! 

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  • The Grudge Cut Out Prank

    Want to be a scary prank apologist? Simply download the cutouts and place them strategically to scare the living crap out of someone so badly as to cause them to lose bowel control. Bring a defibrillator just in case you give someone a heart attack.

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  • Scary Pepper Window Hanging Mask

    A sinister prank that will ruin your daughter’s date. Place this on the window and wait for your daughter’s boyfriend to say “fuck this” and bailout. It is almost guaranteed to spook everyone you plan to pull this prank on.

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