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  • Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification

    Keep your children safe from firearms and look like the responsible parent you are with this Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification. This Pistol Lock Box is perfect for securely storing two standard handguns, along with extra ammunition. It has a digital keypad for advanced protection, making it impossible for anyone but you to access your firearms.

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  • Tactical Pocket Sand

    Forget about getting a FOID card; this is the only self-defense method you need! Fend off your assaulter by throwing a handful of sandbags in their face, hard. Each tactical drawstring bag comes with two 1oz. sandbags.

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  • iPhone Stun Gun

    Protect yourself with one of the most powerful and reliable stun guns on the market. Get this high-quality iPhone Stun Gun as a gift to keep your loved ones safe, so that way you can rest a little while they go out in the world. With a long-lasting battery, you only have to charge this iPhone Stun Gun once every 5 months.

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