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  • Lego Star Wars The Mandalorian The Razor Crest

    In a galaxy far, far away, everyone needs a Commander. The Mandalorian is the ultimate bad-ass who will do whatever it takes to achieve victory for their camp. With 880 pieces and 4 LEGO mini figures, you can recreate all of your favorite adventures from this awesome show – but there’s more! You also get an IG-11 figure so you can call in the cavalry any time they’re needed too.

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  • Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

    Forged and brought from the galaxy far, far away, this knife block lets you show your support for the rebel alliance. This Knife block is designed to look like the iconic Star Wars X-Wing fighter. It’s great for the kitchen and any Star Wars-loving chefs.

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  • Death Star Concrete Planter

    That is no moon! This Death Star replica is going to look great in your kitchen or on your desktop right next to your family picture. This handcrafted geek planter was formed using sealed concrete to make it look like a death star so that you can keep your favorite plant blossoming.

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  • The Stormtrooper Decanter

    This is a great gift for a Star Wars fan who has everything Star Wars or perfect drawing a lot of attention and compliments to yourself. This dope 750ml decanter is made with high-quality super flint glass. May the whiskey be with you.

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  • Steampunk Lightsabers

    This authentic battle-hardened-looking lightsaber is a great addition to your or anyone’s Star Wars collection. Get in touch with your Jedi soul and unlock your inner spiritual warrior. The style is not found anywhere else, and the attention to detail is flawless.

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  • The Mandalorian Full Armor Set

    You’ll look exactly like Din Djarin from Mandalorian in this very detailed Mandalorian Full Armor Set. Wear it and show up at the convention to impress the attendants. This detailed set comes with everything including a helmet, flying suit, gauntlets, glove armor, and a cape.

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  • Lightsaber Willy Warmer

    Keep your Willy protected from the dark force by wearing this Lightsaber Willy Warmer. Transform your little saber into a weaponized willy while keeping it snugged and comfy all the time. Let the seller know if you want to order a smaller or bigger one, the price will be the same.

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  • Personalized LEGO Minifigure

    Obsessed with Legos or know anyone who loves to spend time with Legos? Say no more, these Personalized LEGO Minifigures will do the trick. Get your beautiful smile plastered on one of these customized Minifigures that comes with endless options like Superman, Batman, and much more.

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  • Darksaber Blade

    This Darksaber blade was inspired by an iconic weapon from the Star Wars movies. Get your hand on one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy and give yourself to the Darkside! The blades are made with acrylic plastic and epoxy which makes them durable and suitable for cosplay.

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  • Make Your Own Lightsaber Kit

    Complete your final task before becoming a Jedi Knight by wielding an iconic Jedi weapon. Made of PLA plastic, this Lightsaber Kit is a recreation of the one that belongs to Luke in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Start training, and may the force be with you.

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  • Out Of Character Star Wars Prints

    Bring some humor to your room with your favorite intergalactic personalities or give this as a gift to your favorite Star Wars geek. You have several options, including iconic characters like Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and C-3PO placed in flower-filled meadows.

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  • Perfect Lightsaber Gift for Star Wars Geeks

    Promising Review: 

    “Beautiful. Almost like the real thing. Light was super bright and the sound was great. Felt like a real jedi”


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