Very High Demand

  • Smeg 50’s Style Electric Kettle

    This retro-cool kettle houses all your boiling needs, without you having to go anywhere near the stove. With a sleek design and easy to use features, this kettle will make getting tea or coffee in your favorite mug easier than ever. Plus, you get that nostalgic 50s vibe with its stainless steel spout and chrome handle—part of an authentic experience worth enjoying.

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  • Fellow Clara French Press Coffee Maker

    Clarity in brewing, the taste you’re looking for, and a love story like no other. With Fellow’s 12-ounce french press, there is room for exploration while still enjoying the benefits of immersion brewing.

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  • Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

    You may want to use our temperature controlled mug when the weather starts getting colder. It will keep your drink nice and hot like it’s 120 degrees outside! With this upgrade in technology you can control your drink without lifting a finger, long after that barista handed over that piping hot cup of Joe; adjust where you set your desired temperature with just a tap.

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