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  • Personalized Viking Axes

    Looking for a unique gift for the outdoorsman in your life? Look no further than these personalized Viking axes! Made from carbon steel and engraved with Nordic symbols, these rugged beauties are perfect for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Plus, each ax comes with its own leather sheath to keep it safe on your next camping trip.

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  • Thor Hammer Bottle Opener

    Whom so ever possesses this hammer, if he be worthy, shall have the power of Thor. Replace your boring bottle opener with this very effective Thor Hammer Bottle Opener to open the bottle like a mighty god. This Hammer is crafted out of solid metal and is measured 6-inch tall, from head to handle.

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  • Death Star Concrete Planter

    That is no moon! This Death Star replica is going to look great in your kitchen or on your desktop right next to your family picture. This handcrafted geek planter was formed using sealed concrete to make it look like a death star so that you can keep your favorite plant blossoming.

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  • Wolverine Claws

    Avoid the horrible surgery and easily turn yourself into a Wolverine from X-men with these heavy stainless steel claws. With fairly sharp edges and sturdy handles you can’t see while wearing, these claws will literally make you look like a fierce wolverine. This is the perfect gift for a Marvel fan.

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  • Nigel Thornberry Shower Curtain

    Were you a huge fan of the show growing up? Get this epic shower curtain and make your morning/night routine a more enjoyable experience. Hop in your shower and enjoy the view of half-naked Neil Thronberry simply splashing.

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  • Pokemon Bath Bombs

    An absolutely perfect addition to Pokemon lover’s bathtime, these bath bombs are perfect to make bathtime more fun. These Pokemon Bath Bombs have a wonderful vanilla-like aroma and come with a small plastic Pokemon toy inside.

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