Very High Demand

  • Congrats Middle Finger Matching Mugs

    Make someone feel special with this gorgeous matching set of mugs.  Don’t just be those boring guests at their party that didn’t buy something. Let them know you support love and want to congratulate them on their engagement/wedding day by gifting these two important fingers, as well as a great conversation starter.   

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  • Human Face Candle

    There’s nothing quite like the smell of burning flesh to wake up to in the morning. Move over bacon, this realistic model is a sure way to get your day going! Let this candle that burns like human flesh help light your darkest thoughts into creative flames! 

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  • Froot Loops Scented Cereal Bowl Candle

    This odd contraption is the only candle you’ll need in the morning, noon, evening, and night. Well–at least when it comes to your Saturday morning cereal. You want something that lights up your house while also making some pancakes?

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  • Rotten Fart Scented Candle

    It’s a little awkward to admit, but we all love that funny stink when your beer or food makes you fart. What better way to bring the good times than with this moldy melange of smells? When push comes to shove and things go beyond stinky, we recommend getting our Rotten Fart Scented Candle.

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  • Professional Lock Pick Set

    Home is where the heart is. It’s also home to all your stuff, which you suddenly can’t find. Exploring this idea with a set of professional lock picks might be just what he needs! The perfect gift for the guy who maybe has too many locks on their house or anything that they want locked up tight.

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  • Hats for Cats

    Who knew? This is another hat for our sneaky feline friends! All the cool cats are doing it with these stylish hats, so get in on the trend. Despite being called “Hats for Cats”, these adorable head coverings are also great for humans. A purrfect way to keep your cool this summer!

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  • Period Panties

    Do you have a special lady in your life that just can’t seem to catch a break? Well, we’ve got the perfect gift for her: Period Panties! No more worrying about stained underwear or ruined pants – our panties can take on any flow. And with fun designs like “Cunt Dracula”, she’ll be excited to wear them even when she’s not on her period. So give the woman in your life the power to embrace her womanhood – buy her a pair of Period Panties today!

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  • The Grudge Cut Out Prank

    Want to be a scary prank apologist? Simply download the cutouts and place them strategically to scare the living crap out of someone so badly as to cause them to lose bowel control. Bring a defibrillator just in case you give someone a heart attack.

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  • Geeky Romantic Cards

    Do you have a huge crush on an old-school gamer or have a hard time figuring out what to give your significant other on Valentine’s Day? Get this gift card to woo and impress that special geek. You can buy one individually or get a set of 5 for a better deal.

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  • Shit’s Fucked Positivity Guide

    Shit’s Fucked: A Positivity Guide is a short self-help book that brightens up your day by giving you some positivity with its little tips about improving your overall mindset. This book is, in all seriousness, one of the most considerate books on the market, and it definitely will give you some laughs.

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  • Piece Of Shit Plantable Fake Poop

    This Piece Of Shit Plantable Fake Poop actually looks like a little real shit. Send it as a gift to your favorite gardener or farmer. The Fake poop is so cute but READ THE DETAILS.

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  • Rude Label Chocolate Bars

    Is your friend a twat or a wanker that happens to be a chocolate lover? Get these labels to wrap around your favorite chocolate bars and give them to your favorite twat as a gift. Each set comes with 10 labels that are sized to fit a branded 110/135g chocolate bar.

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  • No Cocaine In The Bathroom Stitch

    Stop your guests from snorting coke like Scarface or Charlie Sheen in your bathroom by hanging this No Cocaine In The Bathroom Stitch frame on the bathroom wall. Note: The product is a pattern, not a finished cross stitch. The pattern is very clear, easy to read, and easy to modify for any color you like.

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  • Electrical Outlet Face Stickers

    Getting tired of your plain and boring electrical outlets? Then these electrical outlet face stickers are perfect for you. Transform your outlets into comical characters to make your favorite space in the house more exciting and personal.

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  • Final Fantasy Save Bookmark

    It is dead wrong to assume that gamers only love gaming; some of them also love to read. This Final Fantasy Save Bookmark is a great way to combine your love of literature and gaming. Save your progress in your readings exactly the same way as you save your progress while gaming.

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  • Light Me When You Want a BJ

    Turn on the light when he wants to get BJed. There’s no better way to convince your partner that you don’t see them as a blowjob machine than with this Blowjob Candle. Simply light the sucker up, blow them away (pun intended) and get ready for an explosive evening of pure pleasure!

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  • Squid Game Honeycomb Sugar Lollipop

    It’s a game of flavor and fun with Squid Game Honeycomb Sugar Lollipops! These Dalgona hard candies are English Toffee flavored, perfect for enjoying during your favorite show or for taking along to your next party. With a unique honeycomb design, these lollipops are sure to sweeten up any gathering.

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  • Solar Powered Lighter

    Forget those gas lighters that never seem to work when you need them most. With the Solar Powered Lighter, you’ll always have a light – even in the windiest or wettest conditions. This nifty tool harnesses the power of the sun to light your cigarette and its reflective surface doubles as a mirror.

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  • Sad Gay Vampire Poems

    Sad Gay Vampire Poems is the perfect coffee table book for any vampire enthusiast. These dark and heartfelt poems are sure to stir up emotions within you, while the accompanying illustrations will leave you entranced. Whether you’re in the mood for a good cry or just want to feel dark and mysterious, Sad Gay Vampire Poems has got you covered!

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  • Give A F*ck Ometer

    Can’t find the motivation to give a fuck? Let the Give A Fuck Ometer help you out! This hilarious little gadget will measure your level of fucks given each day, so you can track your progress and get some laughs at work. Made of sturdy materials, this meter is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. So give a fuck or don’t, either way this meter will tell you what you need to know.

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  • Smells like Freshly Signed Divorce Papers Candle

    The best Divorcee gifts for women. Too often we underestimate how difficult it can be to cope with divorce. Give them something they’ll enjoy that will remind them of you every time it fills their home with the scent of freshly signed divorce papers, perfect as a funny Get Well Soon present. Check it out!   

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  • Thanks For All The Orgasms Candle

    This candle is perfect for any guy who has helped with your sexual pleasure in the past, thank them so much. Sure, he might be sort of clueless sometimes, but you want him to be happy, for the rest of his life. Gift your man with something thoughtful. 

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  • Jesus is Watching Sticker

    Jesus is watching you, so be good! This hilarious vinyl sticker is perfect for keeping yourself on the straight and narrow. With three different sizes to choose from, it’s perfect for families with mischievous kids. Place it on your laptop or anywhere you need a little divine intervention.

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  • Silver Dwarven Hair Bead

    Make your Ragnar proud by wearing this Viking look-alike Silver Dwarven Hair Bead on your hair or beard. This hair metal bead has a unique pattern and is designed to stay in place for days. Now with this bead, you can fight all the way to Valhalla without messing up your hairdo.

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