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  • Super Mario Bros. Magnet Set

    Make your boring refrigerator more fun with this Super Mario Bros. Magnet Set by building your own mushroom kingdom right in your kitchen. This set comes with 80 magnetic characters and icons including Mario, Luigi, mushrooms, turtles, flowers, coins, brick platforms, and sewer tunnels.

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  • Dead Sea Mud Mask

    This Dead Sea Mud Mask will literally change your skin after one application. Seriously, we weren’t kidding when we said it was all-natural and healthy for the skin! And its best feature: you can use it as a cheeky gimmick to win over people who don’t like attention or want something funny and easy to use.

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  • But… You’re A Horse Romance Novel

    If you’re looking for a hilarious, off-the-wall romance novel, look no further than But… You’re a Horse. This book is packed with loaded gags, anecdotes, and pranks that will have you laughing out loud. So put on your reading glasses and get ready for some horseplay!

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  • Coronavirus Shaped Ice Cube Mold

    Add a little bit of (frozen) fun to your drinks this New Year with our Coronavirus-shaped ice cube mold! Whether you’re serving up cocktails or just want to add some visual interest to your drink, these giant cubes are sure to get everyone talking. Made from non-toxic silicone, the mold makes four cubes that are each shaped like the COVID-19 virus. So whether you’re looking for a unique way to ring in the New Year or just want to poke a little fun at the pandemic, our Coronavirus ice cube mold is sure to be a hit.

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  • Pooping Shrek Toothpaste Topper

    Who wouldn’t want to start their day with a little bit of Shrek humor? Pooping Shrek is the perfect way to add some levity to your morning routine. This hilarious 3D-printed plastic toothpaste topper fits any standard toothpaste tube, making it ideal for both kids and adults. Let Pooping Shrek help you get through your daily brushing chore with a smile on your face!

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  • Living Off The Grid Book

    Looking to break free from the shackles of society? Living Off The Grid is here to show you how! This book details everything you need to know about living a sustainable and happy life away from the hustle and bustle of city living. From personal anecdotes to valuable tips, this is the ultimate guide to going off the grid. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

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  • Tactical Pocket Sand

    Forget about getting a FOID card; this is the only self-defense method you need! Fend off your assaulter by throwing a handful of sandbags in their face, hard. Each tactical drawstring bag comes with two 1oz. sandbags.

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  • Hand Jobs Party Game

    Looking for a way to make the game night more interesting? Hand Jobs is the perfect card game for you. With quick gameplay and lots of laughs, this game will keep your night exciting. With quick gameplay and a deck filled with naughty hand job scenarios, players will have a blast trying to finish first. So get ready for some fun-filled entertainment with Hand Jobs!

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  • My Last Fuck Candle

    Getting ready for your epic last lay? Prepare no more, get this My Last Fuck candle to confirm it. Light it and tell your partner to do it like there is no tomorrow. This candle is available in either a 4-oz, 9-oz, or 16-oz size and can be customized with many different scents like whiskey, caramel apples, leather, sunflower, and gunpowder.

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  • Our Q&A a Day 3-Year Journal for 2 People

    Looking for a unique way to document your relationship? This Q&A a Day journal is perfect for you! This three-year journal lets you answer questions about your significant other and compare how your answers change over time. It’s the perfect way to create a hilarious, engaging, and informative time capsule of your relationship. So why not give it a try today?

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  • Bushcraft 101 Wilderness Survival Book

    Bushcrafting is all about being resourceful and learning how to survive in the great outdoors using whatever nature provides. With this Bushcraft 101 Wilderness Survival book, you can learn everything you need to know from expert Dave Canterbury, so you’ll be able to look like a pro when you head out into the wilderness. Featuring tons of tips and tricks on building shelters, foraging for food, and avoiding danger, this guide will have you prepared for anything.

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  • Don’t Be A Cunt Candle

    This Don’t Be A Cunt Candle will be a great way to both quiet and put a smile on your annoying cunt. Not only is this candle hilarious, but it also smells great and is made with high-quality wax. Available in either 4-oz, 9-oz, and 16-0z size, this candle can be customized with many different lovely aromas.

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  • What The Fuck Should I Make for Dinner

    Are you always stressing out about what to make for dinner? Well, stop stressing and grab this go-to cookbook that is sure to inspire you to get off your ass, start cooking and whip up a fucking delicious meal. The recipes are easy to follow and the instructions are hilariously addictive to read.

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  • 80s Style iPhone Case

    Remember the greatest pop-culture time period, including some of the best movies, music, TV shows, and toys of all time, by wearing this 80s Style iPhone Case. Turn your boring-looking iPhone into a bulky brick-like device to bring back the bad fashion and cocaine hype.

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  • 100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition

    Let’s be honest, most of us would probably panic if faced with a life-or-death situation. But with 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition in your pack, you can face any outdoor challenge head on! This thorough guide comes packed with 100 specialized skills that are designed to help you survive in any climate or terrain. So whether you’re lost in the woods or caught in a storm, this is the perfect tool to have on hand.

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  • Plant Based Exfoliating Butt Mask

    Save your best friend the trouble of trying to come up with a thoughtful gift by giving them this new plant-based exfoliating butt mask. It’s the newest (and weirdest) thing in masks, and everybody will be happy they gave you something new to try!  

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  • Bestie Definition Candle

    This candle is designed to fill your home with love. Whether celebrating a wedding, welcoming a new baby, always having something to give as the perfect gift- the possibilities are endless. Even if you’re by yourself, we want to make sure that your space is full of light and warmth from all angles. That’s what this bestie definition candle promises!

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  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Seasoning

    One bite of food topped with this seasoning and you’ll be hooked! With a delicious blend of spices that tastes just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, this seasoning is perfect for adding flavor to any dish. Whether you’re cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this seasoning will take your meal to the next level.

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  • Where The Wild Moms Are

    It’s hard work being a mom. Between juggling work and home life, trying to keep everyone fed, bathed, and clothed can be downright exhausting. Thank goodness for Where The Wild Moms Are! This hilarious homage to Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book is just what your mom needs to escape her everyday stress and recharge her batteries. It’s just what she needs to forget her troubles and laugh her worries away.

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  • That Dick Tho Candle

    This That Dick Tho Candle focuses on the one guy in your life who truly has it all. Not only does he have a great sense of humor, but he’s got so much to offer in terms of size, which is why this candle will put you both in the mood to go after what you know was meant for you.

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  • The Book Of Useless Information

    Do you know anyone with a curious mind? Get this fascinating book that contains 250 articles, statistics, facts, trivia, and lists with random information like the deadliest diseases of the 20th century, the most outlandish laws on the books, the most dangerous jobs, and so much more. The topics are endless and are bound to interest you and your friends.

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  • The MeatEater Guide To Wilderness Skills

    Is your food supply running low? When nuts, berries, and mushrooms just aren’t cutting it anymore, turn to The MeatEater Guide To Wilderness Skills and Survival. This informative guide is filled with field-tested tips and techniques that will help you stay alive in the wild. With The MeatEater Guide To Wilderness Skills and Survival, you can rest assured that you’ll always have a meal (or two) waiting for you.

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  • Why I Must Have Sex With You Checklist

    Spice up your sex life with this hilarious checklist of endless options that is sure to get you and your partner in the sheets. Straight-to-the-point, this checklist comes with reasons to get intimate. You’ll probably buy it as a joke, but don’t be surprised if you use it regularly in your house!

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  • Video Game Rage Candle

    Control rage fueled by video games or de-stress the intense gaming environment by lighting this Video Game Rage Candle. The candle comes in two different sizes: four-ounce and eight-ounce, with several customization options including, “white tea” and “squirrel nuts.”

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